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1. The following information is required for evaluating your project and determine the winner entries:

a) Project Report (PDF Document)

  • Application (audio, video, networking, communications, super computing etc) area that you have selected for your processor architecture. Discuss key challenges faced by designers for deploying these applications.
  • Competitive Landscape (discuss existing solutions, their strengths and weaknesses)
  • Performance goals for your processor architecture.
  • Overview of application kernel (assembly language program) used for testing processor architecture and analyze performance.
  • Performance report based on system simulation (simulate your processor, execute your application test, obtain performance numbers)
  • Conclusion - demonstrate how your processor architecture solves the key challenges faced in the application domain and demonstrate based on above reports how it is better suited for the application domain when compared to competition.

b) Project Files

Any data such as SMDL processor files necessary for judges to verify the results obtained and stated in section 1(a).

2. Terms of Submission

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  • project-files (please name it project-files.tar ).

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