Ashrita Keshav
Kuchipudi Artiste

Ashrita discovered a passion for Kuchipudi under Guru Kishore Mosalikanti, that propelled her to master the art in a short time, thanks to her zeal and zest to bring out her latent talent. She is now showing the divinity in her dance which was prophesied by Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, in His own handwriting, even while she was still an infant. Blessed with a dynamic grand-parent and supportive parents. Ashrita hopes to continue her voyage of self-discovery through dance as a passion and service of children through her profession.
Ashrita Keshav is a state ranker in Class 12 in psychology, is a post graduate of counselling psychology.

About My Gurus
Jaikishore Mosalikanti is a disciple of Padma Bhushan Guru Dr Vempati Chinna Satyam. He is an accomplished dancer with a perceptive understanding of the subtlest nuances, having mastered the most advanced pieces of the Kuchipudi repertoire while learning and teaching at the Kuchipudi Art Academy for more than two decades His performances in India and in the Unites States, have received high critical acclaim for his distinct technical perfection, incomparable flexibility and complete transformation of the character being portrayed.
As a teacher, his choreographic skills seek to enhance the beauty of the art form, through an uncompromising insistence on fform and technique. Without digessing from the tradition he has established his own unique style with innovative use of intricate rhythmic patterns. His depth of knowledge and innate mastery revealed in several of his solo pieces, thematic presentations and dance dramas.
He has been conferred the titles 'Natya Vishaarada' by his Guru and 'Yuva Kala Vipanchee' by Dr M Balamurali Krishna.
Vani Mosalikanti, wife and disciple of Sri Kishore, had her initial training in Kuchipudi under Sri MSR Murthy at Kuchipudi Kalakendra, Mumbai and has performed all over India. She has won accolades for her portrayal of Sathya Bhama in the dance Sri Krishna Parijatham. Since her marriage in 2002, she has been an intrinsic part of husband's ensemble and lent him active by performing, teaching and wielding the cymbals, under his able guidance.
Her dream is to partner her husband in his mission to revive Kuchipudi as a preferred art form of the younger generation, while embossing it's true form beyond the confines of ancient tradition.

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