Vision 2020 with The Internet of Things - A Super Computing Consortium of India Initiative

Today we live in a world where globally the name of the game for all successful companies is innovation; Innovation in the context of computing and communication is increasingly leading to a convergence of the world of computers with the natural world. This trend is increasingly leading to the Internet of Things or the Society of Things. The Industrial Internet, the Smart Grid, The Intelligent Transportation System, The Smart Lighting System and the Smart Utility can all be seen as manifestations of the IoT. With over USD 14 Trillion in projected market size by the year 2020, the Internet of Things is an opportunity that is comparable to the US GDP at about USD 17 Trillion in 2014.

Envisioning a world of IoT in 2020 helps organizations understand emerging IoT opportunities and plan for capacity building. The 1 day event titled Vision 2020 with The Internet of Things focuses on 3 basic themes - The Industrial Internet(Smart Industry), The Smart City and The Smart Nation. After expert talks and panel discussions, the event concludes with a round table session where every delegate gets a chance to contribute. Participate and benefit by sharing, learning and envisioning. Take back valuable insights that help you sharpen your organizations IoT strategy for both the near and long term.

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