A National Systems Vision and Collaboration Strategy for Make In India

What Is Make In India ?

Make In India is an ambitious programme of Government of India to connect global and national demand for products to production capacity and employment generation in India.

The Need for National Systems Vision

A national systems vision outlines the shared vision of the system level productive and production capabilities envisioned to deliver the required level of growth in terms of employment and income generation. A shared vision gives various players in the eco-system a general sense of the big picture essential to create optimal enterprise level plans.

From a National Vision To Collaboration Strategy

In a global economy competition is fierce. Every enterprise - big or small - will have to partner with several other organizations in the supply chain. A stated national collaboration strategy can help organizations focus improving on their core competencies while leveraging the competence of other players through collaboration. Collaboration is the only way to develop globally competitive solutions to consumers in India and around the world.

The Round Table

The round table focuses on bringing together all stakeholders for an intense discussion leading towards the formulation of a shared vision and collaboration strategy. Participate and contribute ! Help spread employment and prosperity in India.

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