Visakha Music and Dance Academy

Visakha Music and Dance Academy (VMDA) is a public Charitable Trust, Promoting Indian Culture and Tradition through classical Music, Dance and other performing Arts. It has got Kala Bharati, a 1000 seating capacity A/c auditorium. Kala Bharati Houses a Dance School, a Music School and an Art Gallery. The advent of Kala Bharati had helped the formation of a number of new cultural and spiritual bodies which together have upgraded the quality of cultural life in Visakhapatnam to such an extent that Visakhapatnam is considered to be the Cultural Capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Salient points about Visakha Music and Dance Academy ( Kala Bharati)

  • VMDA is a public charitable trust registered 1986.

  • It completed 25 years of service last year when its silver jubilee celebrations were held.

  • The primary objective of VMDA is to promote classical music, classical dance and all other performing arts covering all form of Indian culture.

  • VMDA was built and is being run entirely on private initiative without Governmental assistance.

  • VMDA has a total captive membership of 800 with quite many programmes being offered to public also.

  • VMDA has Tyagaraja Aradhana Trust as a sister organization having its own membership of more than 1000.

  • Apart from conducting monthly music & dance programmes VMDA conducts State level Drama Competitions, Quarterly Literary progarammes, Dance Festival and National Level 7 days festival of Music and Dance.

  • In line with its objective of promoting culture and performing arts VMDA offers its auditorium (Kala Bharati) to public at a subsidized tariff. Consequently Kalabharati is one of the highest used auditoriums in the country with close to 300 programmes in a year.

  • Advent of Kala Bharti with readymade facilities and low tariff helped the promotion of a number of Music sabhas and other cultural bodies which together had greatly upgraded the quality of cultural life in Visakhapatnam to such an extent that Vizag is now being called the cultural capital of A.P.

  • VMDA runs a Music and Dance school where in a total of 240 students learn, part time, Vocal, Dance, Violin and Mridangam.