Srividya Angara was introduced to Kuchipudi at a tender age. For more than twenty-five years, her journey with the dance style has continued. For her, dance is happiness - a complete and most potent of manifestations of a joyous heart.

A Computer Science and Engineering graduate from JNTU, she also holds a diploma in Kuchipudi from the Telugu University in Hyderabad. Under the tutelage of her guru, Smt. Vijaya Valli Priya, she imbibed the rigorous technique of the Kuchipudi nritta along with the subtle art of abhinaya. After performing extensively in South India, her association with the vibrant Kuchipudi style continued in the USA, her home for two years after marriage.

A winner at the 27th Annual Choreographers' showcase held in College park, Maryland, and at the Norristown Dance Festival, in Pennsylvania, Srividya's stint in USA saw her evolve as an independent performer and choreographer, bravely melding the dynamics of Kuchipudi with both Indian and Western classical musical traditions. Invited to present lecture demonstrations in both the University of Virginia and the Ohio State University, Srividya grew from strength to strength, showcasing her grace, energy and versatility as a dancer.

Back in India, and settled in Bengaluru, Srividya is a graded artiste with Doordarshan, and an empanelled artiste of the South Zone Cultural Centre. A mother, and a dancer, Srividya is unafraid to experiment with traditional kinetics and new music; all the while revering the age-old Kuchipudi movement, she hopes to blaze her own trail with her own unique brand of energy and style.


  • Smt. Vijayavalli Priya of Hyderabad.
    (Under her tutelage, Srividya Angara Sinha has completed Diploma with honours in Kuchipudi from Sri Potti Sriramulu Telugu university)

  • Earlier she learnt her dancing skills from Smt. Yamini Ramana.

Citsabha Centre

Srividya Angara Sinha founded Citsabha Centre for Kuchipudi and allied arts , the school based out of Bengaluru, India, aims to create a holistic learning environment to imbibe the various nuances of the Kuchipudi dance style.

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